Is Mamaku 4WD Ltd an agent of or affiliated with the Land Rover company ?

No. We are an independent supplier of parts for Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. The names “Land Rover”, “Range Rover” and several model names are the registered trade marks of Jaguar Land Rover Limited. All reference we make to those names is to identify the products we sell.


I do not live in NZ, will you sell parts to me?

Yes. We welcome enquiries from overseas. As long as you are prepared to pay the cost of freight we will supply anywhere in the world. We will also make every effort to find a cost effective freight method. The good news is that we do not need to charge the “Goods and Service Tax” (GST) of 15.00% on export, so the price to you will be that much less than shown.

Currently, our online shipping calculator does not provide costs for overseas shipping. Instead, please contact us for a shipping quote.


I am a mechanic and work on vehicles as a business, do you offer trade discounts?

Yes. We do offer trade discounts to workshops. In fact, our discount would apply to most items in our shop so we recommend that you contact us directly to order your parts.

We also offer credit accounts for trade customers who purchase from us regularly – if you are expecting to purchase regularly please talk to us about an account.

We accept both Visa and Mastercard. We also accept  internet banking payments.


If you do not have an item I want, can you get it for me?

Yes, we will do whatever we can to satisfy your needs. If it is an item that we normally stock we will make arrangements to get it in within a suitable timeframe.

With a large range of parts, and particularly accessories, available we cannot stock everything. Therefore we will bring in any non-stock item on behalf of a customer. We add these parts to our regular orders from suppliers and because we know the item will be sold as soon as it arrives we can price it with a significantly lower margin.


Do you guarantee your parts?

Yes. We guarantee that all parts supplied by us are of a quality suitable to their purpose. This means that our parts are guaranteed for the service and repair of Land Rovers under “normal” usage when competently fitted. (We reserve the right to decline replacement of parts damaged through hash or extreme usage).

Generally we will replace parts found faulty:

  • within 12 month of purchase for genuine parts
  • within 6 months of purchase for OEM or replacement


What is meant by the terms  Genuine, OEM, Replacement parts?

Genuine parts are supplied by Land Rover and labelled and/or packaged with Land Rover markings. These parts have passed Land Rovers quality standards and are their official part.

OEM parts or “original equipment manufacturer” parts, are made and branded by the manufacturer which supplied the parts fitted by Land Rover. Various parts used in the construction of Land Rovers have been supplied by a range of reputable auto part manufacturers.  Often these parts are available independently of Land Rover. They are usually identical to the original Land Rover part.

Replacement parts, which are often referred to as “aftermarket parts”, are made by manufacturers unrelated to Land Rover. They are made as low cost alternatives and the quality of such parts varies. In some cases the parts are manufactured by reputable companies and the quality is similar to the original part. In other cases they are mass produced by low cost manufacturers and may be of dubious quality. Yet, with modern manufacturing methods, some of these aftermarket parts are superior to the genuine parts in older vehicles.

We try to source and supply parts which are appropriate to your requirements. When choosing replacement parts to supply, the main factors we consider are:

a) Availability of genuine/OEM parts – for some vehicles, particularly older ones, new parts are simply not available other than aftermarket.

b) Cost of genuine/OEM parts – for older vehicles the cost to service with genuine parts is not realistic. Aftermarket parts are adequate at a fraction of the cost.

c) Type/purpose of part – for parts which are subject to heavy wear and tear or parts with a safety aspect we take special care to select on quality rather than price.

d) Value for money. We monitor the part supplied to us on an ongoing basis and reject any items we deem to be unacceptable.


Do have a catalogue of all parts available?

This is it …….. kind of.

We are trying to list all of our products here in our online shop. However it is a large task and is going to take some time to complete..In the meantime we can only say that a large proportion of our range is listed here but not everything. If there is an item you want and can’t find it in our shop please contact us.


Why is the price you have quoted higher than the price I have seen advertised on overseas websites or magazines?

This is a fair question and our first comment is that we do everything we can to offer prices that are competitive with other sellers, both overseas or in NZ. However there are a number of factors that come into pricing, particularly when comparing with prices offered in the UK.

The major factors are freight cost and market size. Freight from the other side of the world is not insignificant and can easily double or even quadruple the price of a part – we have talked to a number of people who have found that the all up cost of their “cheap” mail ordered parts came to somewhat more than expected.

We also note that retailers in the UK and elsewhere have the advantage of a much larger market base and therefore are able to work on slimmer margins and can secure much better wholesale prices due to their sales volumes. As well as this our margins need to cover the cost to carrying goods in stock.

We recommend that if you are considering buying parts from overseas you:
a) Do your homework on freight and shipping charges to be certain of the total price.
b) Consider the advantages of buying from us which include:

  • We can supply within a couple of days
  • We guarantee the part and you will not have to go to any expense or hassle sending parts back if a problem with the part arises.
  • Likewise if the part ordered happens to be incorrect we will accept return/replacement.


Do you have second hand parts?

Generally, no. However occasionally we do have the odd second hand part in good condition.

Got your own question?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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